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Specification for reader > txt-reader


Text Reader reads a file of plain text into the lattice. Each line of the source text (without trailing newline character) becomes a single edge in the lattice (of category FRAG).

Currently options are not implemented yet.


read, read-text, read-txt, text-reader


txt-reader ! psi-writer

Read text into lattice and write its contents in PSI format.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet
adipiscing elit.
## beg. len.  text         tags                  annot.text  annotations
01 0000 26    Lorem_ipsum_dolor_sit_amet frag,txt-reader Lorem_ipsum_dolor_sit_amet FRAG[]
02 0026 01    \n           ∅                     ∅           ∅
03 0027 11    consectetur  frag,txt-reader       consectetur FRAG[]
04 0038 01    \n           ∅                     ∅           ∅
05 0039 16    adipiscing_elit. frag,txt-reader   adipiscing_elit. FRAG[]


Allowed options:
  --line-by-line           processes line by line
  --whole-text             read the whole text
  --paragraphs             paragraphs are delimited with double newlines
  --discard-comments       discards comments
  --pass-through-comments  marks comments as single markup

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