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Specification for annotator > converter > pl-join-forms-and-valency


This processor is an alias for joiner with options --lang pl --left-mask form,gobio-tagset --right-mask gobio-tagset,valency --out-tags parse-terminal,!parse,!pl --take-right-text --extended-outer-join.

A tool that combines form edges and valency edges. It creates a kind of Cartesian product of edges in question.

In a way, joiner generates a sort of left outer join for edges ("outer" means that a new edge is generated also for "left" edges, for which no "right" edges were found, outer join can be switched off with --no-outer-join option).

If you want to generate additional new edge for every "left" edge, even if some "right" edges were found for it, use the option --extended-outer-join.

By default the new edge inherits the text and the category field from the "left" edge and inherits attributes from both the "left" and "right" edges. This could be changed with appropriate options.

Generated edges are labelled with tags specified with the --out-tags option.



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