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Specification for annotator > normalizer > niema


Niema is a conditional normalizer for diachronic normalization


fst-normalizer, niema-normalizer, thrax-normalizer




Allowed options:
  --lang arg (=guess)                   language
  --force-language                      force using specified language even if 
                                        a text was resognised otherwise
  --far arg (=%ITSDATA%/%LANG%/all.far) far archive with rules
  --fst arg                             fst name inside far
  --condition arg                       condition for fst
  --conditions arg (=%ITSDATA%/%LANG%/conditions.txt)
                                        file with conditions
  --spec arg                            specification of more far:fst pairs to 
                                        be used as cascade
  --grm arg                             text file with rules written in Thrax
  --md arg                              text file with rules written in Thrax 
                                        and their description in Markdown
  --save-far arg                        where to save the far archive compiled 
                                        from grm file
  --save-conditions arg                 where to save the conditions to file
  --bypass-exceptions                   bypass exceptions
  --exceptions arg (=%ITSDATA%/%LANG%/exceptions.lst)
                                        a text file with list of exceptions

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