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Specification for annotator > tagger > inflector


Inflector is a small postprocessor tool to turn lemmatized text into their inflected forms based on context and other features. To turn a sequence of lemmas into their inflected use for instance:

delemma-pl ! inflector --lang pl

Try for instance the phrase "do dom kobieta z Wrocław" which should be turned into "do domu kobiety z Wrocławia". Unused forms have the "discarded" flag, forms without this tag are to be kept as chosen inflected versions. The current inflection model has been built on an automatically lemmatized text, better results can be achieved with a bigger and part-of-speech tagged or manually annotated training text.


Allowed options:
  --lang arg (=guess)                 language
  --force-language                    force using specified language even if a 
                                      text was resognised otherwise
  --model arg (=%ITSDATA%/%LANG%.blm) model file
  --iterations arg (=50)              number of iterations
  --unknown-pos arg (=ign)            unknown part of speech label
  --cardinal-number-pos arg (=card)   cardinal number part of speech label
  --proper-noun-pos arg (=name)       proper noun part of speech label
  --open-class-labels arg             open class labels
  --train                             training mode
  --save-text-model-files             saves text model files in training model

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