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Specification for annotator > spell checker > aspell


Runs aspell spellchecker on the tokenized text. This is a wrapper for the original aspell library. Not all options from aspell are mirrored in PSI-Toolkit (available options are listed below).

More about aspell see:


spell, spell-check, spell-checker, spellcheck, spellchecker


af, am, ar, ast, az, be, bg, bn, br, ca, cs, csb, cy, da, de, de-alt, el, en, eo, es, et, fa, fi, fo, fr, fy, ga, gd, gl, grc, gu, gv, he, hi, hil, hr, hsb, hu, hus, hy, ia, id, is, it, kn, ku, ky, la, lt, lv, mg, mi, mk, ml, mn, mr, ms, mt, nb, nds, nl, nn, ny, or, pa, pl, pt_BR, pt_PT, qu, ro, ru, rw, sc, sk, sl, sr, sv, sw, ta, te, tet, tk, tl, tn, tr, uk, uz, vi, wa, yi, zu


tokenize ! aspell --lang en

Basic usage of aspell. Shows tokens with their corrected forms (if any).

I enjoy travleling.


Allowed options:
  --lang arg (=guess)   language
  --force-language      force using specified language even if a text was 
                        resognised otherwise
  --limit arg (=5)      display limited number of correction prompts; if set to
                        zero, display all
  --size arg            the preferred size of the word list; his consists of a 
                        two char digit code describing the size of the list, 
                        with typical values of: 10=tiny, 20=really small, 
                        30=small, 40=med-small, 50=med, 60=med-large, 70=large,
                        80=huge, 90=insane
  --personal arg        personal word list file name (proceed by ./ if you want
                        to use current directory)
  --repl arg            replacements list file name (proceed by ./ if you want 
                        to use current directory)
  --ignore arg          ignore words with N characters or less
  --keyboard arg        the base name of the keyboard definition file to use
  --sug-mode arg        suggestion mode = `ultra' | `fast' | `normal' | `slow' 
                        | `bad-spellers'.
  --ignore-case         ignore case when checking words

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